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Jericho - Church n' Delgado by Doomblade2712 Jericho - Church n' Delgado by Doomblade2712
Screenshot from the game: Clive Barker's Jericho. Sergeant Wilhelmina 'Billie' Church (blood mage) to the left and Sergeant Frank Delgado (pyromancer) on the right. Information below taken from extra unlockables in the game, both image and information is copyrighted to Codemasters.

Name: Frank Delgado
Height: 210 cm / 6 foot 11
Weight: 130 kg / 287 lb
Age: 31 years
Eyes: Greenish Brown
Hair: Dark
Blood Group: O+
Team Position: Heavy Weapons
Speciality: Pyromancer
Sgt. Delgado is of mixed Mestizo and Chickasaw blood and spent most of his troubled youth shuffled from one foster home to the next until distant relatives on an Oklahoma reservation took him in. Finding a much-needed cultural identity Delgado poured his body and soul into Chickasaw spiritualism, which led to a life-long pursuit of shamanic wisdom. Blending the disciplines of alchemy and shamanism, Delgado learned to summon a fire-based entity (which he presumes is the Chickasaw spirit Ababinili) but was unable to control it. Further contact with similar spirits in Borneo, Mongolia and Lithuania gave him the knowledge to harness the spirit and request its bidding. Unfortunately Delgado used his knowledge of psychoactive drugs and chemistry to fund his research, which eventually drew the unwanted attention of the DEA and the Chinese Government. He was less than twenty-four hours from execution in Beijing when the Department of Occult Warfare pulled strings to liberate him. In return for his life, he was signed on with the Jericho squad and trained in occult warfare.
Special Abilities:
Sergeant Frank is a Pyromancer, which could be roughly translated as "one who speaks with fire". In Delgado's care, the fire he speaks with is an entity of living flame that he says is Ababinili, a Chickasaw flame spirit. After contacting the spirit, Delgado offered it his right arm as a sacrifice to win its cooperation as it requires a flesh and blood host to feed from, which it accepted. The creature of living flame now lives as a parasite on Frank’s right arm during missions, encased and contained in a large metal sleeve that is covered in arcane symbols (courtesy of Billie) and is curiously warm to the touch. A special containment device, co-designed by Delgado and Sgt. Billie Church has been grafted onto his arm; like a flaming bird of prey, Delgado opens the device to release the spirit, then calls it back to his arm at will. The price of Delgado’s arrangement should be obvious, and like many parasites, Ababinili doesn’t want to annoy its host so much that Delgado decides to rid himself of the pest. To this end, the fire spirit deadens the pain from the burns on Delgado’s arm while he is confined there. In combat, Frank opens the containment sleeve and releases Ababinili, where he immediately sets to wreaking as much havoc as possible before he is forced back into containment from the pains returning to Delgado with nearly crippling intensity. When loose, Ababinili responds (usually) to Delgado’s commands, and so becomes a formidable tool and weapon.
Combat Abilities:
Frank only has one useful arm on a mission, as his right is encased within a protective shell that contains the living flame which is the source of his power. He uses weapons designed to be operated and reloaded with just one arm, thanks to custom made reloading mechanisms installed on his body armour.
Primary Weapon: 7.62mm HELL’S KEEPER 3-barreled Gatling gun fed by a continuous ammo strip (the two massive cylinders on his back)
Secondary Weapon: .50 Calibre 6-round PAIN automatic custom made pistol
Before making his deal with the fire entity, Delgado was deeply spiritual, a true shaman. Since then, he has become a troublemaker and is usually upset due to the intense pain the parasitic spirit inflicts when it is released. Hates having anyone poking around inside his head – psychologists and psychics alike. Feels a kindred spirit in Sgt. Church. Considers himself a modern day alchemist. Self taught in chemistry, pharmacology and botany. Identifies strongly with the Trickster archetype – loves mischief. Hence he has a real problem with authoritative figures and often clashes with Father Rawlings due to his hot temperedness. Doesn’t like blind-minded orders.
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